Private Exterior

Exterior work brings additional and some different concerns such as safety for children and pets, protection of gardens, disturbance to neighbours and we take these fully into account.


We are experienced in using the Repair Care resin system ( that enables us to make in-situ repairs without the need for replacement joinery and the potential project delays that they can involve. Where repairs are inappropriate or windows and doors are to be upgraded for double glazing or aesthetics we have access to a high quality local joinery shop.


Having traded locally for 20 years we have developed good working arrangements with scaffolding companies allowing to manage this element of the job for the convenience of the client and the programming benefits it allows.


You may have seen our vans or signboards in and around Tunbridge Wells where we regularly return to properties renewing decorations to match the changing styles and preferences of growing families.


Where render repairs are needed we have reliable links with other professionals who will work alongside us to allow works to proceed without delays.


Where possible we endeavour to fit in with a client’s day-to-day programme to minimise disruption. We respect privacy, noise pollution, dust control and understand about ‘school runs’. We can work to a tight timetable to enable works to be completed prior to moving in or whilst on holiday.


We are fully insured and respect confidentiality. Where references are required, we can provide these on request.